Enjoying Life, happiness, spirituality, surf, travel & accommodation around the globe.

Zen Style is a way of life. Trying to live each day as the last one, enjoy every moment in harmony with everyone.


How do we try to achieve this?

Enjoying life, travelling, practicing compassion through empathy, caring for nature, respecting each other, and helping people in daily life, just transmiting a good example.


Who are we?

We are not monks, far away from that, just young travellers who are on the search of life quality as we understand it.

There are lots of ways to happiness. We can offer you to join us surfing, wakeboarding, trekking, biking, skating, barbequing, sailing, going out, etc. Depends on which part of the world we are, and what that place offers.

In some of them we can offer you accommodation, in other just join us on our adventures.

Came visit us, we would like to share this!

"As human beings we possess determination and intelligence, the combination of which offers many opportunities. It is important to direct our intelligence with good intentions. Without intelligence, we cannot accomplish very much. Without good intentions, the way we exercise of our intelligence may have destructive results." Dalai Lama